UX and business analysis whitepaper

UX and business analysis whitepaper

UX and business analysis:

The missing link in your software project

To make a top-notch software product you need more than just tech skills – because in order to know what to make, you first need get inside the head of the user. Find out what motivates the people who work with your software every day – what motivates or frustrates them? And, just as important, you need a clear vision of what you, as a software maker, want to achieve. And, you can’t do that without business analysis, UX research and UX design.

Business analysis

The Business Analyst ensures that everyone in the project understands what we want to accomplish with a software project. The Business Analyst translates your goals into concrete, verified requirements. Armed with that information, the team can make the right decisions about how to improve and optimise the software.


User Experience Research is concerned with verifying assumptions, design testing, application design and usability. UX researchers observe and analyse user behaviour and the context in which that behaviour takes place. The data from UX research is essential input for UX design, as well as for Business Analysts and Developers. And UX research is not limited to the development phase. Even in the years after launch, monitoring UX, for instance via analytics, remains crucially important.


A UX designer translates the goals, wishes and needs of users into an application design that works optimally for them. The UX designer is not only concerned with individual screens, but also looks at the big picture of a software product.

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