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Expertise & Technology

Expertise & Technology

We love to inspire our clients to use the power of technology to revolutionize and improve their business. We gladly share our knowledge and offer our support.


For mission-critical solutions, only the best technological building blocks are good enough. So, we follow the leading technology vendors and technologies closely, test-run everything, and select the best ingredients for our solutions.

For us, these include:

  • Microsoft technology; we have profound knowledge of .NET, Microsoft Power Platform, Azure, and Azure DevOps for fast development and deployment of services and applications. We use NET MAUI for cross-platform applications that work on iOS, iPadOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows.
  • Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana; (together the ELK stack) provide analytics, search, data processing, data ingestion, data transformation, and visualization.
  • Machine learning and AI; on Azure and AWS.
  • Front-end frameworks; We know Vue.js and Angular well, but we keep a close eye on alternatives, such as ‘live’ server-side rendering with Blazor and LiveView. Once we see value in that, we can offer this technology.
  • We use Cypress for front-end testing;
  • SonarCloud for source code quality and security, and;
  • WhiteSource for security, licensing, and update management of dependencies.

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To realize solutions quickly, we often use existing technology as a foundation. And sometimes, we develop technology that we bring to the market as a product as a part of the Blis Digital range or as a separate company.

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