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To come to solutions quickly, we occasionally use existing technology as the foundation. And from time to time, we develop technology on our own as a start-up within Blis or together with partners in a joint venture construction. Which we then independently turn into a software business. You'll find a few examples on this page.

Tuuring Performance Monitoring & Analytics

Start-up from Blis

Tuuring Performance Monitoring & Analytics provides insight into the entire service chain of your business process. Tuuring’s data connectors collect performance data from your workspaces, applications, and infrastructure. Smart algorithms and AI translate this data into relevant insights and prognoses, which help you to make the right decisions. As a result, you invest more effectively, save costs, and prevent downtime. Tuuring started as an internal startup at Blis Digital but has since become an independent company. We offer Tuuring Performance Insights as a managed service.

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Software Partnership Blis

MedScan is a full cloud platform supporting secondary healthcare processes, such as inventory management and materials tracking & tracing. MedScan makes it easy for us to customize smart SaaS solutions for healthcare institutions and integrate them quickly and securely with, a.o., the electronic patient record. For example, an app for preparing surgical materials or keeping track of which stock is located in which department.

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Third-party technology

Oracle’s PeopleSoft is one of the most widely used on-premises ERP systems in the world. We manage PeopleSoft for some of our clients, but we also use our system’s knowledge to bring PeopleSoft’s functionality to the cloud step by step without any risk to the operation.

NaviPract Medical Software

Software Partnership Blis, in development

By providing knowledge and overview of a treatment, NaviPract facilitates medical specialists in the treatment of cancer. Cancer treatments are carried out according to complex protocols and are often long-term. Multiple medical specialists that collaborate closely on this are included. As a software partner of NaviPract, Blis develops three solutions:

  1. Processing of complex medical treatment protocols from static documents to structured data;
  2. Providing a timeline overview of a treatment;
  3. The opportunity to collect knowledge and data according to the structure of a protocol and to project insights from this into the timeline software, so that medical specialists have accumulated knowledge and data available exactly when it is needed and relevant.

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By cleverly using existing technology, we help you exploit new opportunities quickly and flexibly. We are happy to show you how. So share your challenge with us, and we will find the best technical solution together.

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