Blis Digital acquires Lithuanian HIPER

Blis Digital acquires Lithuanian HIPER

Blis Digital has acquired Lithuanian agency HIPER

Our CEO Richard Schot on the strategic motivation behind this acquisition: “We have the unique expertise needed to take our clients from zero to one. We can modernize software and roll out new processes quickly. But after that comes a phase of further development, optimization and growth. That’s what the HIPER team does best. By joining forces, we can provide long-term value to our customers together.”

New people, new services

HIPER specializes in co-location, distributed development and long-term partnerships with clients. In Holland, Blis now employs 60 people and is still growing rapidly. In addition, HIPER brings us a team of 8 experienced developers. And in Lithuania too, we have ambitious plans for growth. But we’re not just adding people. Mostly, we’re investing in knowledge and experience to provide a completely new category of services: continuous data-driven improvement of existing digital products, in close cooperation with our clients. This guarantees continuity and allows us to enter into longer-term partnerships. Also, it opens doors to new forms of value creation for our clients and their investors.

Adriaan Hoogduijn, the Dutch entrepreneur that started HIPER in 2019, puts it this way: “With HIPER, we’ve built an extremely specialized team. With Blis Digital, we get a chance to diversify our technology stack, while helping them to grow, based on our specialization. While HIPER has a track record in successfully building high-quality co-located teams, Blis has a proven ability to attract top-tier clients. Together, we expect to double our business in the next two years and to further expand internationally.”

The acquisition of HIPER by Blis Digital took place in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania at the headquarters of Invest Lithuania, an organization that assists foreign companies and investors in their activities in the country.

Radical, then continuous

The current Blis team will carry on doing what they’re best at: help companies radically improve their digital core. We specialize in the start-up phase. The concept, design and development of new digital products or the modernization of existing software. When a digital product is in use, it needs a team to continuously develop and improve it. This scale-up phase is where our new Lithuanian colleagues come in, closely cooperating with the client. To do this is the best possible way, we’re dedicated to finding an optimal model of management and cooperation for each individual client.

Lithuania is hot

Lithuania is a popular co-location choice for innovative Dutch companies. The country has a work ethic that matches Dutch culture well and EU membership provides legal and fiscal stability. The Lithuanian labor market provides more room to grow than the current Dutch situation. Labor costs are slightly lower, but that is not our primary concern. It’s the knowledge, level of education, tech-driven mentality and enthusiasm of the Lithuanian tech talent we’ve met that has impressed us and makes us extremely excited to enter this new phase of the development of Blis Digital.

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