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For mission-critical solutions, only the best technology building blocks are good enough. So we closely follow the leading technology vendors and technologies, try everything out and select only the best ingredients from them for our solutions.

UX Design

At Blis Digital, we believe a good user experience is indispensable when developing excellent, future-proof software. Our UX specialists help you convert your business ideas into clear designs and make complex business processes in software solutions user-friendly and straightforward.

We begin each new project by understanding our client’s world and mapping all their requirements. A smooth user experience largely determines the success of your software. Therefore, we conduct user research to familiarize ourselves better with the end-user and we devise user-friendly solutions to meet their needs.

Based on the insights we gain, we start designing to come up with the best solution, keeping the technical possibilities in mind so that the solutions are also feasible.


Our UX expertise is divided into three phases:


  • Introduction workshops
  • Competition analysis
  • Business analysis
  • Desk research
  • Expert reviews
  • In-depth interviews
  • User testing
  • User Journey Flows
  • Roadmaps

  • Design workshops
  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Design systems
  • Prototyping
  • Concept validation
  • User stories (backlog)

  • Usability testing
  • Analytics
  • Periodic UX reviews
  • Brainstorm and co-creation sessions

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The benefits of DevOps are many. Developers (Dev) and operators (Ops) work together on rapid innovation. That makes you agile and fast and allows you to include security and compliance as an integral part of your software process: DevSecOps. Yet, that’s one side of the story.

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For us, DevOps also means systems thinking: reflecting on software as a system, not on “that single button”. Because changing that one button has an impact on your business process. Every change can have unexpected consequences. That's why our DevOps CoE (Center of Excellence) always has your entire system in view. This way, we guarantee that your processes will always work.

Another essential aspect of DevOps is feedback loops. To continuously create new value, you need a process for collecting and analyzing data. This is another task for your DevOps CoE. You can innovate together with your users in a short-cycle manner and continuously test your ideas against reality, for example, with A/B testing.

We also help you organize training and communication because DevOps only becomes successful when the entire organization understands and embraces it.

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Modern SaaS Architecture Framework

Our Modern SaaS Architecture Framework describes what we believe a modern SaaS solution should minimally contain. It also includes smart, automated features for generating documentation and manuals, for example.

The framework also ensures that you don’t build too much software. We like to replace reporting functionality with excellent data APIs, for example. Citizen developers and BI specialists can subsequently use the data as they wish and incorporate it into existing solutions.

SaaS solutions on our framework are always:

  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Optimized for cost reduction
  • Developed, tested, and deployed in a DevOps process
  • Scalable and fast

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Low-code is hot. And the Microsoft Power Platform may even be hotter. With the Power Platform, Microsoft delivers a very interesting solution for organizations that already work with Microsoft 365 applications and want to innovate digitally.

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The Power Platform enables you to build solutions quickly and easily. At the same time, the solutions can be complex, and the management is far from simple. If you really want to use the Power Platform successfully, there are several secondary issues that you need to consider. As huge Power Platform fans and experienced software developers, we unite the best of both worlds. We combine the approachability and pragmatism of low-code with the principles and best practices of professional software development.

Maturity Model

We work with a low-code maturity model to get a clear picture of where you stand on low-code and what the next step should be.


We set up processes and procedures to ensure you can innovate quickly while keeping full control of your data and the lifecycle of your low-code apps.

Design standards and best practices

We work with standards that we bring from our experience. Guidelines for email and data use, for example, to prevent data breaches or templates simplifying building an app.

Reusable components

Your CoE takes control of reusable functionalities. That’s how you build a library of possibilities.

Continuous Improvement

With DevOps, we build a continuous improvement process. Feedback loops tell you how low-code is being used and what you can do to improve quality.

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Fusion Development

Fusion development brings end users, citizen developers, developers, and IT administrators together. Low-code is an important step forward, but full-stack development will always be essential, and you will always need IT professionals for application deployment and management.

By implementing fusion development, you combine the speed of low-code with the security and control of IT Operations. For each low-code app, you determine the level of lifecycle management and technical support requirements. And for each separate functionality, you look at how you want to build it. Many front-end and dashboarding solutions, as well as e-learning and document exchange, are suitable for low-code development. Data access and integrations require a full-stack approach. Fusion development makes it easy to link different technologies to each other and other SaaS platforms.

This is how fusion development helps you to speed up the automation of business processes and the implementation of new business models.

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