Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Security and safety no longer exist without adequate hardware, data, and software. Our focus on mission-critical technology makes us feel right at home with companies striving for the highest level of security and compliance for themselves or their clients.

Security companies, financial service providers, warehousing companies, and other organizations constantly need to know who is on their property, in their buildings, and at their facilities. What are people doing? Do they have the right certifications? Have they attended the safety training courses? Are they who they say they are, and are they properly and fully registered?

Thousands of people from dozens of subcontractors may be spread across sites and infrastructure so scattered and expansive that you can’t put a fence around them. For that purpose, you need intelligent, reliable technology. But technology and data also present challenges. The more data you capture, the better you need to look at compliance and data security. We give you a clear view of the innovation opportunities and all the risks. We overcome them by design.

Practice what you preach: We are ISO27001 certified ourselves

We help implement safety & security by devising, developing, and managing IT solutions for:

  • Access control and access data management
  • Integrating data and systems
  • Self-service platforms for clients and visitors
  • Linking and integrating hardware and software systems
  • Unlocking on-premises access control systems towards the cloud
  • Identity and access management

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ALLSAFE offers storage units to anyone needing (temporary) storage. They are always looking at new possibilities and innovations to provide the best experience for clients.

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Blis is Nsecure's partner for software development and digital innovation, and together we work on smart digital solutions for safety & security.

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