Protocol systems, patient records, inventory management, finance, logistics, EPD, and ECD; within healthcare, ERP and HR systems are intertwined with care processes and the operational organization. These should never seize because the social importance is enormous. Yet, healthcare is also changing.

Covert systems and restrictive rules are giving way to collaboration and integration. The path is increasingly cleared for open data, greater insight, innovation, and better, cost-effective care. With digital innovations, we can provide remote care, collaborate better, prevent errors, shorten waiting times, and eliminate “waste” in care processes. We welcome great opportunities and bright prospects, but at the same time, there are challenges to overcome.

For example, much data is still fixed in old, on-premises systems, which are expensive to manage and difficult to modify. They make you dependent on vendors moving to the cloud themselves and, consequently, spending less and less time on legacy clients.

We can help you with new solutions, without having to change everything right away and without the risk of disruption. We have extensive experience in flexible optimization, innovation, and managing IT solutions more efficiently. Both inside and outside the primary care process. We can help you with:

  • Integrating data and systems;
  • Customized software solutions, inside and outside the primary care process;
  • Monitoring and analytics for your entire service chain;
  • Managing your most critical software systems;
  • Step-by-step, risk-free migration to the cloud.

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Together with our partner MedScan, we developed various software modules for logistics processes in hospitals.

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