Taking PeopleSoft to the cloud

Taking PeopleSoft to the cloud

The ultimate guide to modernize your ERP system
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The cloud is here to stay

Moving PeopleSoft to the cloud is a major decision for your organisation. It involves some risks but will ultimately bring a wealth of benefits to your business. At Blis Digital, we can help you make your cloud transition as smooth as possible.

In this paper we cover the following topics: 

    1. Introduction: Why We Wrote This for You
    2. Cloud vs. Cloud: What Are the Differences?
    3. PeopleSoft and the Cloud: What Are We Talking About?
    4. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: The Easiest Path to the Cloud
    5. PeopleSoft Cloud Manager: An Orchestration Framework
    6. Running PeopleSoft From Other Clouds: What Options Are There?
    7. Governance and Compliance: Are you in the driver’s seat?
    8. Migration Approach: Four Gated Phases
    9. Making the Right Choice: What Factors Do You Need To Consider?
    10. Get Started on Your Move to the Cloud: A Step-by-Step Guide
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