ALLSAFE Robotic Storage

ALLSAFE Robotic Storage

ALLSAFE offers storage units for anyone who needs (temporary) storage. The company constantly seeks new possibilities and innovations to provide the best customer experience.

ALLSAFE asked us to co-develop the first fully automated Robotic Storage Solution in Europe. The Robotic Storage Concept offers the maximum client support to self-manage everything easily and safely. The app is key to all services while a robot does the heavy lifting. The client only needs to drive the car to the loading dock, where the robot will prepare the unit. Simple and fast!

Blis cooperated with ALLSAFE to design the customer journey, create the UX design, and technically realize the platform and app. The application takes care of everything, from controlling hardware (gates, locks, and the robot itself, of course). An interesting and innovative challenge that was right up our alley!

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User flow

User flow

Together with ALLSAFE, we designed the ideal customer journey, considering that every end-user action should be executed as easily and smartly as possible. We conducted on-site research into all the touch points the user encounters. In a number of co-creation sessions with ALLSAFE, we came up with an accurate customer journey and concept. Our in-house studio Doyle carried out the customer journey and the UX design optimization.

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For ALLSAFE, we created a myALLSAFE app as a key to all services. Despite the technical complexity, everything remains easy to work with for the user. The app has a recognizable look in the ALLSAFE style. The well-organized interface with clear steps ensures the clients can work with it problem-free.


Developing the app consisted of multiple sprints. One of the biggest challenges was linking the app to multiple hardware and software solutions:

  • Entrance gate grounds
  • Access terminal doors/shutters (two-factor authentication)
  • Automatic doors/shutters
  • Alarm systems
  • Storage robot
  • Unit locks via BlueTooth, etc.

We used Microsoft Azure Service Bus for mutual communication to pair all the functionalities of the software platform, the app, and all the hardware. In addition, we made the connection with Brivo for access control. This allows us to open access doors from the My ALLSAFE app using Bluetooth. This way, the user does not have to work with codes and can easily access their unit with the app via Bluetooth.

Via pairing with ALLSAFE’s CRM system, we know which client belongs to which unit and can direct the robot to pick up the unit while signing in at the site. We use Identity Server 4 to arrange user authentication and ensure that the right unit is linked to the right client. Application Insights and Microsoft App Center are used to monitor the application’s technicality properly.

Storage of the Future

ALLSAFE is an innovative company having an extensive roadmap for the future. Therefore, we have designed the software to be scalable for the future. Together with ALLSAFE, we create business cases for further development and determine where the opportunities lie.

For example, the app has already been designed for storing motor vehicles, the Engine Rooms. We are also upgrading and connecting ALLSAFE’s other non-robotics sites. We are installing digital locks so that users no longer need physical keys and can gain access via the app from now on.

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